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The teams that make your holiday a bit special.

ANOTHER SUPERB JOB DONE. Ash, who runs a local home improvement service in looe has just cleaned the outside of our caravans, cleaned out the gutters and steam cleans the decking on our caravans at looe bay ready for the season. He also keeps the corner plot looking tidy in our caravan 222 by cutting grass, sweeping up etc. Together with our interior cleaner Debbie, we have a great team working for us to keep our guests happy. Debbie has been working for us from day one...some 13 years ago and we were lucky to find Ash who has been working for us about 5 years. Not forgetting the great maintenance team and reception staff who always respond quickly if ever a problem occurs. We own and manage 6 caravans at looe bay. 4 berth - 8 berth. Pet friendly & pet free. Why not give us a try. 2023/24 bookings being taken. Andy & Denise Lake. 07742-845058

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