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Still a little uncertainty when the parks will reopen again but below is a few questions and answers that might be of help to you. To put all your minds at rest,if you have paid any amount towards a holiday in one of our caravans for this year and the park is closed, then you can either transfer to a date for 2021 or get a full refund...choice is yours. If you decide to cancel your booking for this year and the parks would be open, then our TERMS & CONDITIONS still apply. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Q: if I decide to cancel my holiday for this year and transfer to next year, would I lose any monies paid? A: No you wouldn't.because of the situation we are all in at the moment all monies paid would be transferred to next years holiday. Q: if I decide to cancel for this year and not rebook for next year what are the possibilities of getting a refund? A: if we know the park will still be closed on the specific date you have booked, then you will get a full refund of any monies paid but if the park would be open then our TERMS & CONDITIONS still apply. Q: if I did cancel for whatever reason and were due a refund, how would I get paid..and when? A: you would be paid by bank transfer no later than the evening of your enquiry. Q: not sure about still paying my installments. A: if you are not sure about still paying your installments,then please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS. if the park is closed when you have booked then you are entitled to a full refund. But if you are thinking about canceling your booking when the park could be open, then you lose your initial £50 deposit. Q: how do I contact you so you can explain all? A: quite can either txt, private message me or email. Alternatively you can contact us on the groups. If you need to ask anymore questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Andy mob: 07742-845058 email: Take care. Andy & Denise.

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