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2022 at 7 waterfront doniford bay Somerset.

2022 at 7 waterfront doniford bay Somerset.

All dates are SAT TO SAT.

5th - 12th March..£315

12th - 19th March..£325

19th - 26th March..£330

26th March- 2nd April..£375

2nd - 9th April..£500

16th - 23rd April..£500

23rd - 30th April..£395

30th April- 7th May..£395

7th - 14th May..£410

14th - 21st May..£425

21st - 28th May..£450

4th - 11th June..£450

11th - 18th June..£475

18th - 25th June..£480

25th June- 2nd July..£495

2nd - 9th July..£500

9th - 16th July..£550

16th - 23rd July..£795

10th - 17th Sept..£425

17th - 24th Sept..£425

1st- 8th Oct..£380

8th - 15th Oct..£350

15th - 22nd Oct..£350

22nd - 29th Oct..£510

Andy & Denise.


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